When we meet please be courteous and leave my donation in unsealed envelope upon arrival. If we are meeting in public, simply hand me a gift card, book, or small shopping bag. Having to ask about the donation will only make things uncomfortable for both of us and I want our time together to be as comfortable as possible.


My donations are clearly listed on the consideration page. I do not negotiate or haggle and consider this to be rude. If you feel that my donations for the genuine experience that I offer are not to your liking I respect that and hope that you will find someone that can accommodate you.

  Cash, Crypto, and More

I prefer payment to be made in USD/EUR, but offer flexible options for those who prefer electronic transfers. If you are more inclined towards crypto currency or PayPal the transfer will be made in advance of our appointment to give everything time to clear.


If you need to cancel our date less than 24 hours in advance, a 50% cancellation fee will apply and must be paid via PayPal, Cash App or E-gift card if you ever expect to book with me again. Please understand that my availability is limited and last minute cancellations are not ideal.


All of my photos are blurred for my privacy. Please do not ask me for additional photos or anything unblurred. Your curiosity about my visage will only increase the excitement before our first encounter, and it is certain not to disappoint.


Please let’s be respectful and avoid texting the following inquiries as you will not get response:
Hey, how are you?
You available?
Tell me more about you? Remember: my phone is only to schedule the appointments.

Questions that were already answered on my website: donation information, unblurred pictures, etc.

Contact Us

I am not around right now,send an email and I'll get back asap.

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